Binary Paintings by Iliana Ortega

Binary image (binary, binary) is a kind of digital bitmap images, when each pixel can represent only one of two colors. The values of each pixel are conventionally coded as “0” and “1”. The “0” value is conventionally called the background or background.

Binary Art is an exploration of the language of binarity that emerged at the end of the 20th century. Binary language is used to describe the full range of emotions a person can experience.

Binary Paintings by Iliana Ortega
Binary Paintings by Iliana Ortega

The aim of Binary Paintings by Iliana Ortega is to digitally recreate the physical world. The computer serves as a translator of binary language. It translates binary code into a form we can understand. Binary paintings introduce the viewer to binary language directly, without the use of any translator.

Such art is created with the help of written special software. The software takes a digital file and reads it bit by bit. It then generates an image file in which every bit of the original file is replaced by one or zero. The resulting image can then be printed.

Iliana Ortega is currently creating different kinds of binary art: paintings, drawings and photographs.

In the future, Illyana also plans to create Binary Installations. Each of them will create a spatial binary representation of physical objects or spaces.

Binary art grew out of the discomfort caused by simulation technologies. The myth of cyberspace is that it will allow people to immerse themselves in an artificial environment that rivals the physical world.

It is entirely possible, though, that technology will achieve this. Binary art is a form of my doubt. Through it, I claim that the experience of my binary art is equivalent to the experience of the original. The designers of virtual reality technology make the same claim.